City-ness   (A portfolio of 12 images)

I spent some time in Sydney 2021, and revisited previous homes, my old park haunts that gave me solace in all the  environmental chaos.  I drove the roads that I had driven many times years ago. I found myself wrapped in memories, jangled by the pace and close quarter living, exhilarated by the geometry and design, and exhausted by it all. Still, the city pulls at my sense of design and curiosity

Everywhere in the Sydney area there are deep water views.  The movement of the water often reflects in splashes of light and drifts of fast moving patterns on the buildings.  On a clear day, the early evening home lights and small boat lights are reflected deep water in the hidden bays taking on a magic velvet quality.

The city’s windows reflect the passing people and cares, flashing images or colour, undetermined shapes and chaotic patterns.  So busy.  In the city everywhere, the city structure predominates.

Structure is the cohesive element that holds this city together.  Structure in architecture, town planning, and society. In every image of this body of work there is the same visual element representative that is representative of the city’s underlying and inescapable structure.  Composed of two strong vertical lines and several rectangular shapes that represent the city’s windows and building structure, the element binds photographic images across layers of meaning.